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Hello!  Yes, I am a “seasoned” photographer:  35 years of shooting experience. Hundreds of events, meetings, and speaker/stage images. Thousands of studio and on-site portraits. Studio product photography, aerial, facility, and architectural images….and countless hours in color and b+w darkrooms. I retired after 25 years as the chief photographer for a major pharmaceutical company, where I helped the company make the transistion to digital from film-based technologies.

However, you won’t see too much of my corporate / commercial / industrial  photography here on this site. Instead, I found a home for my personal images – both older and more recent (and unique) travel, land and sea scapes, abstract, nature, architecture and portrait photography. I still shoot free-lance for various companies, and certainly would be interested in any projects that come along, so please contact me if and when you have a need for a “seasoned” and highly regarded photographer. Also, all of the images here are available for print or download. Please contact me if you have any questions…and feedback is always welcomed!

Thanks for visiting!

Walt Hug

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